Friday, May 6, 2011

Scrambled Eggs with Tomatoes - Chinese Version

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Scrambled eggs might seem like a no-brainer but I was never really good at making them. My cousin Jo-Ann was always tasked at making omelets and scrambled eggs as for some unknown reason, she always makes it perfect. Must be the simplicity of how she cooks them without trying to overachieve (my bad) and make a simple dish just the way it should be cooked, simply. 

This dish is now my go-to dish whenever I have no time to cook a full meal. Not an original recipe from my family, I learned of this dish when I stayed at my friend Shujuan's apartment whenever I visit Michigan. She is Chinese and according to other Chinese friends, she is at the level of the pros when it comes to cooking Chinese food. As a kitchen terror herself, she would just candidly say, "Just eat!" whenever I try to dissect what was served in front of me. I finally managed to finagle the recipe from her after some gentle prodding and sly snooping. One thing I never got the hang of though was how she would whack the tomatoes with her butcher knife prior to dicing them. This was just a bit too much for me.

Traditionally served as a *breakfast item in China, I make this dish whenever my cupboard is low on everything else except the basics like eggs, tomatoes and some green onions. Served over a mound of steamed rice, this simple dish never fails to impress.

Scrambled Eggs with Tomatoes

6 large eggs
4-6 Roma tomatoes
4-5 stalks of green onions
coarse salt and pepper
1 tbsp milk
4 tbsp canola oil

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1. Crack eggs and add 1
    tbsp of water and 1     tbsp of milk. Season
    with 1/4 tsp salt and a     few turns of black     pepper. Beat lightly
    to mix.

2. Dice tomatoes and     sprinkle with a pinch
    or two of salt. This     allows for the diced 
    tomatoes to start     releasing their juices. 

3. In a large skillet, heat the oil at medium heat and add the egg
    mixture. When the eggs starts to set, break it up and keep stirring
    gently until it is almost set. Transfer to a bowl. 

Copyright 2011 LtDan'sKitchen Blogs
4. On the same skillet,     add the tomatoes
    and 2 tbsp of water.     Let it simmer until
    the tomatoes are soft.     At this point, take the
    flat side of your     spatula and press down
    on the tomatoes. You     want to smash them  
    but you don't want to 
    end up with tomato     sauce either. 

5. Return the eggs and mix in with the tomatoes. Add another tbsp or
    two of water if it is a little dry. Check for flavor and adjust

6. Garnish with thinly sliced green onions or chopped parsley or cilantro. 
    Serve hot with steamed rice or a french bread. 

* A correction had been issued by a Chinese friend.  My recipe made it through the scrutiny but the descriptive information did not. Apparently, it is more of a lunch or dinner fare. Thanks for the correction, JW!


  1. Haha, looks yummy.
    One thing to correct though, this dish is not only served as a breakfast item, this is a item that you can find on lunch or dinner table too.
    You can also add jalapeno if you can eat spicy food or diced bell pepper if not. Anyway this is a versatile dish you can always improvise as long as you keep eggs and tomatoes as the main ingredient.

  2. ... ay... this one we eat at home, too... :-D