Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Coffee Break

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Ever since I started working last June, my time has been divided into working at the university, traveling back and forth and coming home to my Dad every Friday where a lot of household chores have to be tackled and completed before I travel back to the University every Sunday morning in time for my Sunday class. It is no wonder that any respite from this schedule is totally welcome and I have to say that more often than not, it has been a short respite which includes drinking coffee with my co-teachers who have also been given the Sunday schedule or a quick coffee date with my best friends in my home town. As such, I have quite a collection of wonderful cakes that we ate during these coffee dates and I'm quite happy to share them all with you.

Copyright 2012 LtDan'sKitchen blogs
First up is a sinful chocolate cake from the Coffee Break Cafe at Smallville. Yup, there is a place called Smallville in Iloilo City. Sadly, you won't find the man of steel whizzing around but the place is budding with small cafes and fancy restaurants for the younger generation. We definitely didn't have any of these growing up. I made my pick of a Devilish Chocolate Mousse if I was not mistaken (see picture above). My co-teacher Steve opted for something more healthy in the form of a carrot cake. I just needed the buzz of caffeine and sugar that day so I threw caution to the wind and ate without any trace of guilt. The cake was delicious and the coffee was really good. I would not mind going back there again. 

Last weekend, I also met up with a friend who asked me to treat her for lunch. She always treats me whenever we go out so it was the right thing to do and pay for lunch that day. We went to Max's which is a food chain in the Philippines who's specialty is crispy fried chicken. However, we were there for something else: the Sizzling Spicy Tofu. Now, I had my mini episode of gout that day but I just had to try this tofu dish and it was delicious. I had to find a recipe and I made my own version although the heat was toned down quite a bit. It may not be as good but it was still delicious. Maybe I should invest in a sizzler plate when my kitchen renovation is complete.

Copyright 2012 LtDan'sKitchen blogs
After our lunch, we went for coffee and ice cream at Cafe Bob's, a local burger joint/restaurant in my hometown which has been a favorite hangout place of me and my Mom ever since I was little. My friend went for her favorite gelato while I ordered a double chocolate mousse cake. Do you see the trend here with regards to my preference for mousse cakes? Once again, the cake was delicious and fed three of us after another friend of ours joined us for coffee. Their coffee is always good so I was not surprised. I actually came back there last weekend but totally forgot to take pictures of their Black Forest cake and their Mango Pavlova. Now, those were two delicious cakes. Yum! Speaking of which, maybe I should try making my own version of Mango Pavlova for my nephew's birthday this weekend. That might be a really wonderful idea. I'll keep you guys posted. 

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