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Cucumber Cooler

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Summer is here and unless you are Olaf, summer is the time when you have to be careful about staying too long out in the sun. Another important thing to remember is to stay hydrated. And speaking of hydration, what better way to do it than with an ice-cold glass of cucumber cooler. 

I first took a sip of this refreshing drink in a Vietnamese restaurant in Iloilo. The place is called Cilantro and they serve this wonderful beverage all year round. Actually, I wouldn't mind drinking it all year long. It is that good. For the lemonade lovers out there, this might prove to be a welcome twist to your regular drink of choice. After all, this drink is nothing more than lemonade mixed with cucumber juice. The trick is to get the proportions right. A blender is not a must but is most convenient. However, I'm going to write the recipe expecting you to have your own blender. 

Cucumber Cooler

6 - 8 ripe lemons, halved
1 cup white sugar
3/4 cups water
4-6 cucumbers, peeled
ice cubes

1. In a small pot, melt the sugar in the water over low heat without stirring.
   Once melted, let cool and set aside. 

2. Juice the lemons and measure about a cup of fresh lemon juice. Mix with 
    the sugar syrup. 

3. Peel the cucumbers and dice into half-inch cubes. Blitz with 1 cup of 
    water in the blender until smooth. Pour the cucumber over a fine sieve 
    and collect the juice. You should have about 2-3 cups of cucumber juice. 

4. To serve, combine half of the lemon/sugar mixture with half of the 
    cucumber juice. Add enough ice and check for sweetness. You can serve 
    it a bit sweeter or if you prefer, add more ice to taste.

5. To serve, pour into tall glasses and garnish with a slice of cucumber if 
    desired. I prefer to serve it simply.  

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