Sunday, August 25, 2013

Yogurt with Fresh Fruits

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This has been my default dessert whenever I have friends come over for dinner in the rental place that I share with two other friends. We have yet to buy a small oven that will allow me to bake cookies or brownies if need be. For now, I rely on the steady supply of ripe papayas in the town market which is really great. I now go to this vendor who gives me a small discount every time I go buy fruits from her stall as I have been buying her produce since last year. As a reward of my loyalty, she gives me her best fruits depending on what is available for the season. It is always a nice feeling when you eat fresh fruits that are perfectly ripe knowing that they are just good for your body and soul. 

While living in the US, my perfect simple dessert will be ricotta cheese with macerated strawberries and topped with a drizzling of honey. Since ricotta cheese is very expensive here in my town, I have been using regular yogurt instead and it seems to do quite well despite the fact that they sell a soupy version of yogurt. Still, with fresh fruits as the main star, a little drizzling of honey is all you need to forget about your worries even for just a moment and savor a dessert that you can consider sinless. Now, there really is no need for a recipe for this dessert. Yogurt, sliced mangoes, kiwi and a drizzling of honey is all you need. Throw in a little bit of slivered almonds as well if you have them. Oh, and second helpings are definitely allowed!

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