Sunday, September 11, 2011

Dessert Crepes

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I wrote this on the fly to make up for the delay in the dessert posting for this week. I've had this recipe for a while now and I actually made this dessert a couple of months ago but I'm glad I took pictures knowing I was going to need it at some point. 

Here then is Cedric's version of sweet crepes that I initially converted into a savory version and filled with a vegetarian filling. There is not much to the recipe other than to mix and to let it rest prior to cooking. The filling varies depending to taste but he prefers a combination of Nutella hazelnut spread and fresh berries. For my version, I used a combination of equal amounts whipped creme fraiche and Nutella with fresh raspberries. 

Dessert Crepes

4 cups flour
5 large eggs
5 tbsp sugar
2 cups milk
2 cups unfiltered beer
unsalted butter

1. Mix all the ingredients except the butter in a big bowl. Let sit for 20 

2. Over medium low heat, butter a non-stick skillet and add a ladle full of 
    the batter. Spread it around quickly and let it cook until the edges are 
    set and curls up a bit. 

3. Flip the crepe and cook for another minute. Slide onto a plate and cook 
    the rest of the batter. 

4. Fill with your choice of toppings and garnish with a dusting of powdered 

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