Thursday, September 8, 2011

Schweddy Balls

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One of my favorite regular guest host on SNL is Alec Baldwin. Coincidentally, one of my favorite sketches involves his character Pete Schweddy hawking his family products from rum balls to baseball wieners. Today, Ben and Jerry's unveiled their Schweddy Balls ice cream flavor in honor of the sketch and I, and I'm sure quite a few others as well, flocked to get hold of this new flavor to see and savor what it was all about. I myself bought two pints and after the first taste, I have to say it is very good. It is very adult in taste though. The fudge-covered rum and malt balls are quite intense. Very good rum flavor actually, even the vanilla ice cream base is flavored with rum as well. I say, give it a try. And, if you are curious enough and are wondering what's so special with the sketch, just go find it at Youtube. Make sure that you take a large dose of a wicked sense of humor though before watching.  

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