Saturday, April 21, 2012

Hong Kong Blues

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I was stuck in Chicago and Hong Kong while traveling for home. While I felt like it was a never ending ordeal, especially when you had to lug large suitcases and a computer bag that weighed a ton due to the Hunger Games trilogy that I refused to let go of, having finally made it to the last leg of my international trip was a relief.

While stuck in the various airports in Chicago O'Hare and the International ariport in Hong Kong, we bonded as a group of desperate passengers trying to get home while trying to finds ways of eating a decent meal to keep up with waiting in line to get our boarding passes. A few of us decided to actually just hang around the airport in Hong Kong instead of leaving for the one hour trip to the hotel and back which left us with just about 4 hours to sleep in the hotel which to me did not make sense anymore. What was good was that we were able to get through the security gates and have breakfast inside the airport and take our time while waiting for the flight to Manila. 

Copyright 2012 LtDan'sKitchen blogs
One thing I noticed though was that the information people (and mostly everyone) at the Hong Kong airport are the rudest people you will ever meet. It is like you are taking too much of their time when they are supposed to be there to help you. I could say more about this but I hate having to turn the pages of my blog blue. Anyway, despite the rudeness, I was able to relish a wonderful breakfast treat of a wrapped sticky rice with a pork stuffing (although I ended up with the chicken version) and it was really good. I thought the leaf used to wrap this wonderful dish are the taro leaves but after some research, it is actually made with lotus leaf. Well, duh to me! I knew this and I just forgot!

Still, having said my piece about Hong Kong being in my list of the last place I want to revisit, the food was excellent. It was good I overcame my annoyance over the people who served them to me. Sadly, being rude is apparently the norm of the people in Hong Kong.

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