Sunday, November 18, 2012

Mango Pavlova

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After a few trials, I finally got this dessert right. Using my oven here in the Philippines, I mean. I've always thought making pavlova was something I can do in my sleep but to do so, you will need a reliable oven. Mine isn't so reliable at the moment so I had to make sure I had the means to control the oven temperature before proceeding with this dessert again. I made a double batch of this pavlova a few weeks ago and it came out okay although the edges were way too brittle. The taste was alright and my friends actually loved it. I was relieved. Still, I was not satisfied and I wanted to perfect it for my blog. 

For this version, I used a single recipe of the Pavlova from the Joy of Baking website and topped it with my Mango Fool and finished off the dessert with more slices of mangoes. The result is quite spectacular both in the ease of preparation and in the taste of this heavenly and summery dessert. You can also use regular whipped cream or follow the recipe from the pavlova recipe I adapted this dessert from and either one works. One word of advice: keep the cream base chilled until ready to serve and assemble only prior to serving.

Mango Pavlova

1 recipe of Pavlova base
1 recipe of Mango Fool
2 ripe mangoes

1.  Prepare the meringue as per instructions on the Joy of Baking website. 
     Cool and set aside. 

2. Prepare the Mango Fool recipe or if using regular cream, whip the same 
    amount of heavy cream and beat to stiff peaks and flavor with one 
    teaspoon of vanilla extract.

3. Top with more mango slices and serve immediately. 

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