Monday, August 29, 2011

TimTam Slam

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Tim Tams are biscuits from Australia and gained prominence here in the US via the TimTam slam (or explosion). The first time I learned of the slam was by watching "The Graham Norton Show" while he had Natalie Imbruglia as his guest. Natalie being from Australia explained to Graham the orgasmic delights of the slam. To achieve this state, you will need a hot cup of coffee or tea with your bag of Tim Tam and you are set to go. It is best if I just let Natalie explain the details of the slam but I'm telling you, it is quite delicious and addictive. Tim Tams retail for about $4 here in the US so I try not to indulge in this delight for reasons that involve a tight budget on food and a regulated intake of sweet goods. 

I bought myself a pack of Tim Tams this weekend to vent off my frustration while looking for annatto seeds. I needed the seeds to make the peanut sauce for the stew I was cooking but for some reason, the stores were all out of it. I had about a tablespoon in my cupboard which was way less than I needed. Thus, being both pissed at this inconvenience and the fact that I was at the World Market store, I decided to vent by indulging in a pack of Tim Tams. I haven't done the slam yet but that will be happening very soon.

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