Sunday, May 13, 2012

Indian Mango with Sauteed Shrimp Paste

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Given that I'm hypertensive, I should not really be eating this kind of snack. However, it is almost the end of the dry season here in the Philippines and the start of the wet season. During this time of the year, the fruit tress are scrambling to finish up this year's harvest and mangoes in particular are all over the city before they become a bit more scarce in a couple of months. They do show up in full force once again just before Christmas. Don't get me wrong though, a whole new round of fruits will be available to replace the summer's bounty so it is all good. One thing that is a staple when it comes to snacking in the afternoon on a summer day though is the ever popular combination of the Indian Mango and shrimp paste (bagoong).

Indian Mango or the common mango is what is preferred for this type of snack. It is a bit pudgier and really sour when unripe. However, when it turns just slightly yellow on the inside, then it is the perfect time to eat it raw with either fresh or sauteed shrimp paste or even with just sea salt. I personally prefer the combination with the sauteed shrimp paste. The saltiness of the paste with the sweet sour taste of the mango just hits the spot all the time. Growing up, I didn't really like the taste of Indian mangoes which grew right next door to our house. It was in my godfather's vacant lot and as kids, we would climb the tree every summer afternoon and pick the fruits to snack on although I only ate very little of it. It was while going to college in Manila that I learned how to appreciate this simple snack and how truly wonderful it is. I still love it and my cousins think I'm crazed whenever I go gaga when I see Indian mangoes especially when I quickly reach for a jar of shrimp paste that I now have on hand. 

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