Friday, October 21, 2011

Granny's Donuts

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It has been a week since I decided to go back to my diet and strictly count portions again. I have been a bit lenient on how much I eat and I just balance it out with exercise. However, I needed to go past this stasis state and start losing more weight again. It has been a wonderful week of feeling the hunger pangs and eating just the right amount of food to sate it and then comes Friday and the first thing on my mind is coffee and donuts. Perfect for this cloudy and cold day and with half the lab craving donuts as well, I took the plunge. 

The favored donuts came from Grandma's Donuts on campus while I prefer the Town and Country version since they have a cinnamon roll/donut concoction that I really love. Since half the lab is chipping in, I had to go with Grandma's donuts. This is the closest thing to a homemade donut in town with fresh fruits as toppings most of the time. Even their chocolate glaze is made with chocolate ganache. Now, who could resist that? My diet will have to wait for tomorrow. Today will be cheat day!

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