Saturday, January 7, 2012

Fruit Cake -The Conclusion

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So here we are finally. After one month of storing my fruit cakes in the storage cabinet under the stairs for a month, it is finally time for its unveiling. I've been diligent in feeding it brandy for the last month every week with no fail. It started right after it came out of the oven when I brushed the scored cake with 1/2 cup of brandy as a starter soak and followed it up with another 1/2 cup the following day after it cooled down. It was a bit dry at that point even with the initial soak but it did start to resemble the moist fruit cake I have grown to love over the next couple of weeks. Prior to storing the cakes in a cool place, I wrapped the cake tin with cling wrap and covered it with foil before wrapping it in a plastic bag. After the second week, I lowered the amount of brandy I used to age the cake to 1/4 cup. The last feeding was done three days ago and I let it age for three more days to allow the alcohol to diffuse into the cake. It was like Christmas all over again when I finally took the first cut into the cake. By then, the cake had become moist and smelled like a great fruitcake should: fruity, aromatic, and heavenly. 

Copyright 2012 LtDan'sKitchen blogs
I made two 9-inch round fruit cakes and I reckon this will yield enough slices to feed an army. I'm happy though that I have a load of friends who are also eagerly awaiting for a piece of the cake so I'm not too worried about having too many leftovers. With this success though, I think this will now become a yearly thing for me and I'm now eagerly waiting for November or maybe even as early as October to get my fruit cakes ready for Christmas this year. Oh, and they come free as long as you are on my nice list. 

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