Sunday, July 31, 2011

Foie Gras

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There is a lot of controversy regarding this delicacy and I never really understood the fuss over it until I've tried it myself. I love liver especially chicken liver but the thought of how foie gras is produced kind of makes me think of ever declaring my undying love for it. Truth be told, I just found it okayish. I'll be fine if I don't have a bite of it for a long long time. But then again, my blog does not promote any biases on any food that I managed to taste and thought was worth blogging about. Thus, we can leave the moral issue aside and focus on the merit of the food itself. Just like veal, I think that foie gras is worth a try at least once. Just for the hell of it. Aside from the fact that prolonged consumption of this delicacy will surely kill me, I'm glad I've given it a try and deemed it as an "ate that, done that" thing. 

Copyright 2011 LtDan'sKitchen blogs
We served this as an appetizer spread over toasted bread. Given as a gift from Cedric who just came back from France two weeks ago, this was part of my bribe for taking him to and picking him up from the ariport here in Bozeman. I was also gifted with packets of herbes de provence, something that I'm really excited about. There's also a bottle of cognac that's got my name on it. Life is certainly magnifique!

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