Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sweet and Spicy

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I've been enjoying a variety of weird and wonderful sweet snacks lately I just had to share them at least on the blog. The first one is chocolate infused with red chili and I mean the spicy red chili kind. I have seen these being sold at the World Market and I bought a couple of them with the plan to send them to my friend Jason who loves anything spicy. With the heatwave hitting half the country though, that plan will have to wait for now as the chocolate may not even make it to Atlanta without melting. Using that as my excuse, I started opening these little gems and I have to say, I'm surprised at how much I love them. The Lindt brand is actually not as spicy and you get to savor the sweetness of the chocolate before the heat hits you a few seconds later. The World Market brand on the other hand is a lot more intense and the heat is more apparent the second you take a bite. Snacking on these candies made me think of chicken mole. With chocolates like these at my easy reach, I don't have to worry about about adding heat to the mole sauce if I use these chili infused chocolates. I'm definitely looking forward to making this dish very soon. 

Copyright 2011 LtDan'sKitchen blogs
The second treat I was feasting on was honey brought by monks from the Monastery of St. John of San Friancisco. We had them over for dinner last night and the honey was a wonderful parting gift. I have to say, I've never tried honey as fresh as this and it is just wonderful. There is a sense of purity to the flavor and the sweetness was just right. I may have to switch to honey with honeycombs now. I think it is just worth it.

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  1. this chili chocolate is really weird... would you bring me some when you come home?... hihihi... :-D