Tuesday, July 5, 2011

My Blog Audience

When babies go rogue!
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My blog was originally conceived as requested by my friend Sunny to post my recipes online so that she can cook the dishes I used to serve on our lunch parties without having to bug me for the actual recipe. I did attempt to start a blog back when friendster was the "in" thing but that blog never took off. This second blog seems to have done well and is slowly picking up traffic on the net. The first few weeks when I started this blog, it was set to private and entry was by invite only but I had to relax it due to the fact that you need a gmail account to have continuous access to my blog and half of my friends are using their yahoo accounts.

It has been a couple of months now and I have always wondered what would happen if I allowed my blog to show up when searched and whether it will take the blogosphere by storm! I guess the obvious answer will be, not really! I have oftentimes tried to send an e-mail to some of my favorite blogs with the intention of letting them know of my existence but self preservation always ranked higher in my priorities so I never sent those e-mail messages. Lately though, I've been getting traffic from Australia, New Zealand, Romania and Norway. I don't think I know anyone from that side of the world and unless they send me a short message, I guess I will never know who they are. Still, I'm quite content with my sort of oblivious existence in the blog world. As long as friends need my recipes, I guess I'll just sit here content and quite satisfied writing down my recipes and sampling my kitchen creations.

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