Saturday, March 17, 2012

Dan's Full Breakfast

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I came up with this idea to try and make my own version of a full English breakfast, albeit by accident. Given that I now have gout, the possibility of eating several kinds of sausages with bacon and eggs gives me a sense of dread. I'm just not up for another round of pain on my foot for days. However, I have the urgency to try out various ways of using the HP brown sauce I bought when we had the steak dinner about a month ago. The most consistent answer to what goes well with it are sausages, fries and fried eggs. Thus, I decided to prepare this elaborate breakfast meal today with the help of my friend. He made the potato pancakes instead of fries without using eggs as a binder. The sausages I picked were breakfast links. Two fried eggs were also included into the already full plate. A few slices of fresh tomatoes were the perfect finishing touch to this feast. 

Halfway through my plate, I was already full. I plowed along until I did finish my plate although to be honest, I felt that a mound of steamed rice was missing. I guess you can take me out of the country but but not the Filipino in me. Overall, a very wonderful way to start the weekend. Definitely not a breakfast to eat everyday but rather probably every month or two. It was just way too much food. Still, it was good pairing everything with the HP brown sauce. A bit sweet but it was delicious. I'm still a ketchup man though. 

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